The Finer Aspects for the Striptease Shows You Need

The boom of public eroticism that struck in the early 90s remained a phenomenon of that time. Today, erotica and sex live in specially designated areas of the worldwide network, where everyone can find a wet fantasy in their own fetish.

And if the “Caligula” format movies have disappeared forever from movie theater posters, striptease programs are still present in some clubs, however, their geography has long since moved from the capitals to the periphery and the atmosphere of the clubs plunges into a deep retro. From the Miami strip club this is the perfect bit.

About the beginning

Dancing since 2003, it turns out that for fifteen years. We started as a student at Far Eastern National University and at first, it was just collective dance numbers, show programs that we showed to Chinese tourists – We had minimal training at that time, We danced that We knew how.

Dancing is my main and main, but not the only source of income. From time to time We consider stores to be bookkeeping, since We have two higher educations and, accordingly, two specialties. But as a rule, there is absolutely not enough time for this, you always have to choose – either dancing or something else. And We chose the dance: the day at work does not need to spend the whole thing, that is, the energy can be sent in a different direction.

And in the office We would not be able to sit – We are not an assiduous person. The load on the dance is quite large – mostly, these are private corporate parties, less often – Vladivostok nightclubs.

About trends

Since about 2009, under the influence of Moscow, this whole Timati, and in local clubs, there has been such a tendency that it’s easier to take go-go girls than to pay for a stripper or a stripper. Therefore, now there is little striptease in clubs, and even where there were pylons before, now there are none.

Wet happens that the organizers of parties for students invite strippers and the younger generation often takes very well. Because the party is in the usual tone, and suddenly once – something unusual.

We do not know why we are now so little invited, probably, only because of the economy. Sometimes they ask for one dance – because two are very expensive for the money. Although We can not say that we have a very high price tag.

The Finer Aspects for the Striptease Shows You Need

Pro price tag

We often get a call and say: how much do you have an hour of the striptease? Already it sounds weird. Because the cost we have for the dance, and the duration of the numbers are different, depending on the length of the musical composition.

Sometimes they even ask stupid questions from the series – but what’s the continuation? Therefore, it is often necessary to upset people that there will be no continuation.

Contact with the public is possible only in the second dance. The first is that you dance beautifully on the court, during the second you can invite someone from the audience, for example, to sit on a high chair, if the dancer is a stewardess, then a light massage, cover the rug, and dance with the guest.